Christle Gray / Chrissie Lee

 Magical Worlds, Unexpected Romance, Love Without Boundaries

A little about me...

I was born and raised in Ohio, but live in Kentucky with my husband and my cat. I'm a Gemini, which means I'm of two minds about everything, and have more projects in progress than I can ever hope to complete in one lifetime. My interests vary as widely as my opinions, and I'm in no short supply of either.

I've always loved to write, and spent most of my youth filling notebooks with poems, journal entries, and stories. I also studied art. Creativity was my life force.

These things sort of fell by the wayside, as life often makes happen. But now, I have begun to be serious about writing, and even started drawing again. Luckily, I've found the lovely world of e-publishing and some wonderful publishers willing to take a chance on my work. (and have even dabbled into some self-publishing as well.)

As the ideas flow and demand their due share, I've developed an alter ego to tame them.  Chrissie Lee writes the steamier, sexier, edgier stories in my brain, leaving Christle to take care of the sweeter, tamer, and even young adult oriented stories.

I have various other projects in the works, so check back often for updates!

Things I Love...

All kinds of books, cheesy musicals, horror movies, reality tv marathons, vampire fiction, David Tennant, writing, poetry, crosstitching, art, sparkly things, tubes of lipstick, kitty cats, scrapbooking, Lifetime Movies, stand up comedy, funny guys, dance music, British Television, chai lattes, happy endings, and lots of other weird things!

Things I don't love so much...

Public speaking, eggnog, black coffee, sticky messes, running the vacuum cleaner, paying bills, hospitals, country music, ice storms, long car rides, animal cruelty, thunderstorms, swimming, peppermint, arrogance, and more I'll probably think of later...

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